A letter to beth

A married couple, struggling to survive each day, petty thieves pursued commit the perfect heist.
Fisher steals by putting people at risk, Beth wants to bet on his soul to win. The news said in
a museum in Germany, the most expensive gold crown will be both looked at each other and
said nothing. The same night they failed at the robbery, she disappeared and Fisher was killed.
As time goes on everyday, money wins over love anyway, dies of greed in your kingdom, the sky is
close and empty as Hell. Recorded video, the hotel’s cameras assisting. To Department of police to
track down the thieves. Years passed and Beth left the jail . Finding a letter at home in which Fisher
had written what he wanted for the lady. So for once, leave it all to me. So for once,I hope you hear me.
Even though you know that we often disagree,you´re born to be together with me. Dear Beth
morning on our anniversary get the crown that deserves my queen and then I will turn into your king.


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