Dirty tricks

The van filled to the top, some jokes and we drinking a shot while the police car passed us (and) then we laughed
one of us falls asleep the driver slammed on the brakes, with a scream he awoke with
white face. Starting the night with ,a beer in my hand, giving a concert to the crowd
Jumping and laughing and singing to them,but the show really starts now. If I were you I wouldn´t sleep
If I were you I wouldn´t drink. If I were you I would take care coz tonight there will be dirty tricks. A new
drummer came to play, knowing that something could happen, we were throwing beer over his head
we got him dressed into a fountain, his mobile was drowned, we believe that he will not return.
One jumped on a table and suddenly fell off the stage. Do you have broken a leg or no?
Bassist who was drunk made a gash to the guitarist Who will be the last to go to sleep?

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