Carrot man

Next to my girlfriend strangely sexy again counting sheep. I need someone to tell me a
story to make me sleep. There´s a pyjama party in the garden of home, leggy
blondes and small asses doing something wrong. Jesus has heard my impure
thoughts that were not so bad. Single girls at happy hour tell me Thanks Carrot man
I think I have them all in love but really see me as a daddy. Take yourself a picture with me
and you´ll go crazy. When I get angry go to the lounge and I dance Footloose. Now I have a new friend
request on facebook . Have you ever drunk in your life from a toilet bowl? We did it while
finishing to vomit and taking a photo What you see is what you see, charge a pic
for a kiss, people know I’m like family. What you see is what you see and if I have a onenighter
I´ll be so happy Wherever I go there´ll always find me I tattooed your name on my neck so
you´ll always remember me and the tattooist has begun to dance the worm while squirming
I gave her a wedding ring and she went into a trembling to see my wife with a baseball bat behind me
Three horizontal lines capped my bald hair today I’m still as famous as before and still not why?
Drooling with my drink in hand and skeleton shaking I´ll have to charge a fee for each photo with me.

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