There´s treasure everywhere

Just off the north-west coast of the isles of Sicily. Two brothers and the same dream.
One took to religion, the other took to the sea and both had tattooed a map on their
skins. Jim set himself up as captain of his own ship was robbing and pillaging ships .
Thrown off a buccaneer ship for stealing rum . Was paid a big price for his
brutality. Two reached an agreement, buried their treasures all in together and
decided that if anyone died it would be treasure that lived. I ´ll kill my brother and
find the treasure, Jim believed. And you´ll burn crucified for your sins. The Earl
of Erice, was celebrating a feast. Enjoyed the company of hard drinking ruffians.
The young pirate fixed his eyes on Emmy. So asked her to meet him on his ship .
Then she quickly refused then he went back with his crew . They hatched a good plan
that would be breaking into her room and abducted her, carrying her back to his ship.
Into a dark cabin, was beaten and locked her in. All drunks began to sing,
returned the girl was, totally naked and she with a dagger killed him.
She drew out the captain’s sword and with a few hacking blows, cut his head from its body.
The Abbot left his habits rescued and married Emmy eased to love God and treasure he took
with him. So they threw his body as food for sharks. All drunks began to sing liters of alcohol ran
through his veins. Remembering freedom to live. His father as a tribute to the bravery of Emmy.
He placed the figure of a girl, holding a sword and a severed head and there it remains to this day.

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